Are you looking for somewhere to volunteer in a community project that offers healthy involvement with growing fruits, flowers and vegetables, and supports people with mental and physical health needs? Can you offer help with constructive management skills; fund raising; networking or marketing skills? If so, why not give the Derwent Green Gym a try!

We are an all-voluntary group and our aim is to offer healthy exercise and outdoor companionship for the people of Derwent and the wider Derby area. We do this by working several permanently-gardened allotment plots (collectively called Derwent Green Gym). Our members have the opportunity to learn new skills and become part of a friendly group of people, of different abilities, with an interest in gardening and conservation. We are situated on the Little Cheshire Allotments site on Old Mansfield Road, Derby. We also help maintain a small wildlife area on site in partnership with Little Chester Allotments Association.

We have a Committee and trained Leaders and Volunteers who contribute to the running of the project. The project is open three days a week and also has monthly Committee meetings. Many of the volunteers who garden are referred for help with their mental and physical health conditions.

Volunteers who become Leaders or members of the Management Committee for this project learn different skills which may be useful to them for future employment. Such as leadership skills and project management, ie how to fund and monitor the expenditure for voluntary groups, basic accounting, the creation of relevant policy documents, general management and mentoring skills.

This year we have decided to restructure our Committee so that we have more clearly-defined Trustees to help plan our longer term future. We are seeking more people with management and people skills; fund raising, networking or marketing skills to join our small team. If you have an interest and skills in gardening or conservation this would be helpful, but is not necessary. We do want people who are passionate about helping others get the most out of the project.

Maybe you have recently retired from a caring profession, or from managing people, and you would like to use your skills and experience in a voluntary capacity? Or perhaps you are already working and would like to add to your experience by joining our management team. Or you may want to share your knowledge of horticulture in a hands-on way either as a general volunteer or consider becoming a Team Leader or Leader. Whatever your interest – we would like to meet you.

Please come along for a visit to see what we do and we can show you around. Head to the Contact Us page and drop us an email.

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